SOAR Digital Gathering of Indigenous Entrepreneurs

The SOAR Digital Gathering of Indigenous Entrepreneurs presented by Square and BDC in partnership with Futurpreneur, Indigenous LIFT Collective and EntrepreNorth is an Indigenous-led grassroots initiative bringing together Indigenous entrepreneurs across Canada.

SOAR is free to all Indigenous entrepreneurs and creates a safe and inclusive space for sharing, learning and connecting in the spirit of encouragement, friendship and collaboration, grounded in sacred teachings. Thank you everyone who joined us for SOAR 2023! We look forward to welcoming you back next year!

Brand Story

Bree Island, Visual Artist & Storyteller

The SOAR logo tells the story of the Indigenous entrepreneur and their real-life journey centred around community and grassroots empowerment. Grounded in teachings, values and culture, this journey is about sustainability and building for future generations.

As with the new year, this story begins in spring. The spring colours are of the land awakening, the renewal of life, and new beginnings, also marked by the return of the geese. Their springtime arrival often represents the first hunt of the year for many northern Indigenous communities. And the first cultural gathering of the year, an event that bonds families and community to the land.

Like many birds in Indigenous stories, the goose is a spirit helper and guide. The goose reminds us that we are part of a flock, and a flock travels together. Geese will use wind tunnels to soar through the air, giving lift to those behind. Geese journey forward, always returning to the land to nourish their bodies and spirits.

The additional woodland features show our connections to the sun and the sky. The bold line is goose and sun, showing they are one and the same. The goose within a goose shows togetherness, our interconnectedness. While the center goose’s wing and body are also the wind streams created when we work together and lift each other up. We recognize that geese fly among the sky beings and have a vantage point from above. How we look to and learn from the goose will help us SOAR on our journey as Indigenous entrepreneurs.