The SOAR Accelerator supports high-growth Indigenous-owned businesses in Canada. In its inaugural year, the Accelerator aims to propel five Indigenous companies (all already making over $1M in revenue) to 5X their revenue over the next 12 months.

Co-presented by Square and BDC, in partnership with Futurpreneur and an ecosystem of partners, the SOAR Accelerator is a unique program that provides executive-level training and mentorship to build skills and capacity, organizes meetings with major buyers with the goal to create purchase orders, and creates connections between successful Indigenous business owners on a similar path.

Meet the 2023 Cohort

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Jenn Harper, Cheekbone Beauty

“I am ecstatic to be a part of this extraordinary opportunity alongside other visionary Indigenous entrepreneurs. Reflecting on my journey, it is humbling to see how far we have come. It is not just about my vision but also the profound healing that has shaped my path. Our mission extends beyond beauty products; it is about empowering Indigenous communities, uplifting voices, and creating lasting change. Through SOAR, I am recommitting to our shared vision, where Indigenous strength and resilience propel us forward.”

Jolene Johnson, Wabanki Maple - Supported by JEDI

“Being selected for the SOAR Accelerator is an important milestone in trading and building relationships for Wabanaki Maple. With the recent launch of our US website, we are expanding globally, so SOAR has hit at the right time for us to learn from other Indigenous entrepreneurs about their US expansion and to connect with new partners and opportunities to grow.” – Jolene

Michaelee Lazore, Seqouia Soaps

“I’m proud to have grown Sequoia from a one-person operation to a thriving business employing a dedicated Indigenous team,” said Michaelee Lazore, Founder of Sequoia. “Building Sequoia fills me with pride and fuels my passion for embracing new opportunities. Through SOAR, I see the potential not only for my company but also for the betterment of our Indigenous business community.”

Trisha Pitura & Mélanie Bernard, MINI TIPI

“We are thrilled to be a part of this incredible journey, representing MINI TIPI alongside other remarkable Indigenous-led companies. This is just the beginning of our path, where reconciliation takes tangible form and makes history.” – Mélanie

“We envision our brand shining on global runways, being part of major events like the Olympics, and making a lasting impact worldwide. Scaling our business means scaling our social impact as well. We are excited to join forces with other Indigenous-led companies from across Canada through SOAR, to learn, grow, and create a transformative change.” – Trisha

Angel Aubichon & Alex Manitopyes, Indi City

“We are honoured to embrace the opportunity to join the SOAR Accelerator as Indi City aspires to elevate Indigenous couture to global runways. Within the company of extraordinary entrepreneurs, we eagerly anticipate unlocking funding opportunities, fostering research collaborations, and unveiling new pathways to growth.”          – Angel

“Within the SOAR Accelerator, we will champion inclusive and genderless fashion that unifies individuals through Indigenous iconography. Our pieces spark meaningful dialogue and hold political significance. They represent the reclamation of ancestral practices by Indigenous creatives, infusing blood memory couture into the global fashion realm. As part of SOAR, we will create a space where true equality thrives, enabling us to walk side-by-side on equal footing, embracing an inclusive and empowering future.” – Alex