Helping more women entrepreneurs succeed on their own terms

Square started in Canada in 2012 as a little white reader enabling anyone to take a payment and never miss a sale. The world of commerce has evolved immensely – and so has Square. We expanded into software and started building integrated solutions to help sellers in Canada sell online, manage inventory, run a busy kitchen, book appointments online and engage loyal buyers. 

We’re helping hundreds of thousands of sellers of all types and sizes in Canada more easily run and grow their businesses on their own terms. With Square, a gardener in Markham can sell in-person and online with curbside pickup, and a lawyer in Montreal can have her clients schedule their appointments online and can send clients invoices. 

In fact, over half of Square sellers in Canada are women, and they tell us Square tools give them control over their destiny as business owners. We’re working to ensure more women entrepreneurs can participate and thrive in the economy. 


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