Northumberland Community Futures Development Corporation

DELIA Fintech Platform and StrikeUP Conference for Women Entrepreneurship

Northumberland CFDC was founded in 1985 with a mission to provide financing and strategy for entrepreneurs. From our headquarters at the Venture13 innovation centre in Cobourg, Ontario, our Women Entrepreneurship Strategy initiatives focus on two leading collaborative efforts: StrikeUP, Canada’s digital conference for women entrepreneurs, and DELIA, our Government of Canada-backed fintech-driven micro-loan fund.

Founded in 2021, StrikeUP recognizes the impact that women-owned and women-led businesses have on the Canadian economy. StrikeUP has evolved into the largest virtual gathering of its kind in Canada, offering a powerful forum for skills development, networking and investment that extends beyond the one-day event with extensive post-conference community programming. On the finance side, our DELIA fintech platform is working to close the access to capital gap by removing lending bias and rapidly generating lending solutions for women-owned and women-led ventures.

Supporting and strengthening the ecosystem for women entrepreneurs is more important now than ever. We are committed to serving diverse business leaders to succeed here at home and globally.”

Wendy Curtis, Executive Director
Northumberland CFDC
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