Trisha Pitura

Trisha Pitura


1:30 pm - 2:10 pm
Our Way Circles

Our Way Circle 1: Succeeding as Co-Founders

Venture into the heart of collaborative entrepreneurship with the dynamic duos behind MINI TIPI and Indi City. Trisha Pitura & Mélanie Bernard, alongside Angel Aubichon & Alex Manitopyes, unpack the journey of building Indigenous-led businesses with another entrepreneur. Discover the synergy of shared vision, the trials, triumphs, and the unmatched magic of co-creating legacies.

3:50 pm - 4:00 pm
Story Circles

SOAR Short Stories: Milestones of Indigenous Entrepreneurs

Explore firsthand accounts from Indigenous entrepreneurs who scaled their brands beyond $1M in annual revenue. Learn from Trish Pitura and Mélanie Bernard of MINI, Angel Aubichon and Alex Manitopyes from Indi City, Michaelee Lazore of Sequoia Soaps, Jolene Johnson from Wabanaki Maple, and Jenn Harper of Cheekbone Beauty. These entrepreneurs, all SOAR Accelerator alumni, share their real-world challenges, strategies, and lessons. Choose one of these five narratives and gain practical insights from those who've been there.